Klattersynth TTS for Unity®

Klattersynth TTS is the first asset of its kind available for the Unity® cross-platform engine:
Small and fully embedded speech synthesizer.

What features does Klattersynth TTS have?

  • It does not use OS or browser speech synth, so it sounds the SAME on all platforms.
  • Dynamically talks what you ask it for.
  • Generates and plays streamed speech in real-time.
  • In WebGL builds the AudioClips are quickly pre-generated and then played.
  • Contains English Text-To-Speech algorithm (transform to phonemes).
  • Alternatively you can enter documented phonemes directly, skipping the rules for English TTS conversion.
  • You can ask current loudness of the speech for tying effects to audio.
  • Uses normal AudioSource components: 3D spatialization, audio filters and reverb zones work like usual!
  • Contained in one ~100 KB cross-platform DLL file.
  • When embedded with your game or app and compressed for distribution, compresses down to less than 30 KB.
  • Supports all Unity versions starting from 5.0.0 and available for practically all platforms targeted by Unity.
  • Also supported by RT-Voice PRO

Why Klattersynth TTS is different from many other speech-related assets for Unity?

  • No need for the underlying platform to offer speech features (OS or browser).
  • No need for a network connection for external generation of audio clips.
  • No need to pre-generate the samples before creating a build of your app or game.

Support Thread in Unity Forums


Below are videos of some example scenes.

Alternatively you can test the example scenes in a WebGL build yourself.

Video of example scene:

Video of example scene:

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Video of example scene:

Text Entry


// 2024-03-17, 1.1.1 - Verified support for Unity 6.
// 2019-11-11, 1.1.1 - Support for Enter Play Mode without Domain/Scene Reload. Fix for warning when importing package on Unity 2019.3+
// 2019-07-04, 1.1.0 - Fixes for streaming mode when used with Unity 2018.3+. Compatibility verified up to Unity 2019.2 (2019/07).
// 2017-07-28, 1.0.0 - Initial release.

The asset is supported and kept up-to-date, even if you are not seeing list of frequent updates.
The aim is to create robust releases which need updates only infrequently.


Do you like how Klattersynth TTS is built?

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